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Get ready for water adventures

Где зимуют эти белоснежные красавицы?
Чартерные направления
внутри России
Your adventures on the water start here!
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Relax on a yacht
Do you want to spend a weekend with your family on a yacht or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days? Choose a yacht to your liking or specify the dates you're interested in and select from the offers available on those days. You can choose a route, calculate the cost, book, and pay for the upcoming outing right in the app.
Outing on a boat
Boat trips and excursions along the lakes and canals of Dubai are a great chance to see the city from a completely different angle. This is a must-have that every tourist and resident of the city should try out. A trip like this can open up views of the city, giving you a whole new perspective. To rent, simply select the date, time, and location, where it's convenient for
Water sports
Wakeboarding or wakesurfing? If you're in the know, then you definitely have at least a couple of tricks up your sleeve for the waves! If not, we invite you to give it a try! Suitable lessons are available for everyone, even newbies.
New impressions
Never had a vacation on the water? New impressions are just around the corner! Fresh air, gorgeous landscapes, and endless water - it's worth trying out at least once. You'll definitely not be left feeling indifferent! We guarantee both accessibility and a large selection.
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