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License Agreement of IFLOT Software for Mobile Devices
Before using the program, please read the terms of the following license agreement.
Any use of the program by you means your full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this license agreement (1), UAE Federal Law No. 1 of 2006 On Electronic Commerce & Transactions (2) and UAE Federal Law No. 38 of 2021 concerning Copyright & Neighboring Rights (3).
If you do not accept the terms of the license agreement in full, you do not have the right to use the program for any purpose.
Ayflot LLC has the right to make any changes to the structure and algorithms of the program, suspend its performance, change or terminate the performance of the program functions without prior notice to you.

1. General Provisions
1.1. This License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the License) determines the conditions for using the Iflot program for mobile devices (hereinafter referred to as the Program) and is concluded between any person using the Program (hereinafter referred to as the User) and Ayflot LLC (141078, Moscow region, Korolev city, home 5D, building 1, premise 069, room 7, Korolev str., who is the Rightsholder of the exclusive rights to the Program (hereinafter referred to as the Rightsholder).
1.2. By copying the Program, installing it on your mobile device, or using the Program in any way, the User expresses his full and unconditional acceptance of all the terms of this License.
1.3. Use of the Program is permitted only under the terms of this License. If the User does not accept the terms of the License in full, the User is not entitled to use the Program for any purpose. Use of the Program in violation (failure) of any of the terms of the License is prohibited.
1.4. The use of the Program by the User under the terms of this License for personal non-commercial purposes is free of charge. Use of the Program on terms and in ways not allowed by this License is possible only on the basis of a separate agreement with the Rightsholder.
1.5. By using the Program, you agree that the following documents of Ayflot LLC are integral parts of this License:
User Agreement posted on the Internet at: https://iflot.com/terms/en,
Privacy Policy posted on the Internet at: https://iflot.com/politica/en,
Cookie Terms and Conditions (https://www.iflot.com/cookie-terms/en),
Data Processing Agreement (https://www.iflot.com/data-processing/en),
Data Sharing Agreement (https://www.iflot.com/data-sharing/en).
These documents (including any of their parts) may be changed without any special notice, the new edition of the documents comes into force from the moment of their publication, unless otherwise provided by the edition itself.
1.6. The Rightsholder may provide the User with a translation of this License from English into other languages, however, in the event of a conflict between the terms of the License in English and its translation, only the English version of the License shall be legally binding.

2. Rights to the Program
2.1 The exclusive right to the Program belongs to the Rights Holder.

3. License
3.1. The Rightsholder under the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) license, provides the User free of charge with a non-transferable right to use the Program in the following ways:
3.1.1. Use the Program for its intended functional purpose, in order to make its copying and installation (reproduction) on the User's mobile device(s).
The User has the right to install the Program on an unlimited number of mobile devices.
3.1.2. Reproduce and distribute the Program for non-commercial purposes (free of charge).
3.2. The program must be used (including distributed) under the name: "Iflot". The User is not entitled to change and / or delete the name of the Program, the copyright notice or other indications of the Rightsholder.

4. Restrictions
4.1. Except for use in the scope and in the ways stipulated by this License or the legislation of the UAE, the User has no right to: change, decompile, disassemble, decrypt and perform other actions with the source code and initial text of the Program, aimed to obtaining information about the implementation of the algorithms used in the Program; create derivative works using the Program, as well as perform other use of the Program, any components of the Program stored by the Program on the User's mobile device, other images and other data, without the written consent of the Rightsholder.
4.2. The User does not have the right to reproduce and distribute the Program for commercial purposes (for a fees), including as part of collections of software products, without the written consent of the Rightsholder.
4.3 The User does not have the right to distribute the Program in a form other than the one in which he received it, without the written consent of the Rightsholder.

5. Special conditions
5.1. Some functions of the Program can only be performed if you have access to the Internet. The user independently receives and pays for such access on the terms and at the rates of his telecom operator or Internet access provider.
5.2. The Program provides the User with the opportunity to post information about the User's potential demand for the boat's renting, as well as to be informed about the offers of organizations providing services in this area (hereinafter referred to as the Service Partners), and to search for such offers according to the parameters specified by the User.
5.3. The information available to the User within the framework of the Program (hereinafter referred to as the Data) is provided by the Service Partners. To obtain more detailed information about the services offered, the User can contact the support service using the functionality of the Program, requesting clarification from the Service Partner of the information of interest or contact the Service Partner as soon as such an opportunity becomes available within the Program.
5.4. The Rigthsholder is not responsible for the content and / or relevance of the information provided by the Service Partners, including information about the cost of the services of the Service Partners, as well as their current availability.
5.5. The interaction of the User with the Service Partners on the acquisition of services other than those offered by the Service in clause 5.2 of this Agreement is performed by the User independently (without the participation of Ayflot LLC) in accordance with the rules for the provision of services adopted by the Service Partners. Ayflot LLC is not responsible for financial and any other transactions performed by the User and the Service Partners, as well as for any consequences of the User acquiring the services of the Service Partners.
5.6. The User gives to the Rightsholder consent to the processing of personal information (including personal data) of the User, or the person in respect of which the User places, through the use of the Program, information about the potential demand for boat charter services, to the transfer by the Rightsholder of such personal information to the Service Partners and Partners of the Rightsholder, as well as to processing of such personal information by the Partners of the Service and partners of the Rightsholder for the purpose of providing the User with the functionality of the Program.
When the User uses the Program, the specified personal information is transferred to Ayflot LLC (OGRN: 1215000017770), for processing on the terms and for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy of Ayflot LLC, available for review at: https://www.iflot.com/politica/en.
The User guarantees that it is authorized to provide personal information of the person in respect of which the User places, through the use of the Program, information on the potential demand for boat charter services for the purposes specified in this paragraph.
5.7. The User is hereby notified, understands and agrees that the Program may collect depersonalized statistical data on the use of the Program and automatically transfer them to the Rightsholder.
5.8. Registration and use of the Program is performed using the User's mobile phone number. When the User deletes the Program from the memory of the User's mobile device, the User's personal information received by the Rightsholder in the process of authorization using the User's mobile phone number in the Program and using the Program is preserved. In the event that the Program is reinstalled on the device and registration is performed using the same mobile phone number as an identifier, the User's personal information that was provided using the specified mobile phone number is restored in full.
5.9. For the purpose of quality control and disputes settlements, the Rightsholder may record all conversations of the User with the support service specialists of the Rightsholder, Service Partners or other representatives of the Service Partners (except for cases when the User makes a direct call by dialing the telephone number of the representative of the Service Partner).

6. Liability under the License
6.1. The program is provided on an "as is" basis.
The Rightsholder does not provide any guarantees regarding the error-free and uninterrupted operation of the Program or its individual components and / or functions, the compliance of the Program with the specific goals of the User, does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the Data, and also does not provide any other guarantees not expressly specified in of this License.
6.2. The Rightsholder is not liable for any direct or indirect consequences of any use or inability to use the Program (including Data) and / or losses caused to the User and / or third parties as a result of any use, non-use or inability to use the Program (including Data) or its individual components and/or functions, including due to possible errors or failures in their operation, except as expressly provided by law.
6.3. All questions and claims related to the use/inability to use the Program or Data, as well as possible violation by the Program or Data of the law and/or rights of third parties, should be sent via the feedback form to info@iflot.com.
6.4. This License and all relations related to the use of the Program are governed by the Legislation of the UAE.

7. Updates/new versions of the Program
7.1. This License applies to all future updates/new versions of the Program. By agreeing to install an update/new version of the Program, the User accepts the terms of this License for the relevant updates/new versions of the Program, unless the update/installation of a new version of the Program is accompanied by a different license agreement.

8. Changes to the terms of this License
8.1. This license agreement may be changed by the Rightsholder unilaterally. Notification of the User about the changes will be published on the page: https://iflot.com/license/en. Such changes to the terms of the license agreement are effective from the date of their publication, unless otherwise specified in the corresponding publication.

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Date of publication 08.04.2021
Date of entry into force 08.04.2021

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